The dream

Hummingbird smoky

Last night’s dream
I cried
over a hummingbird
When the blue winged creature
suddenly withered in my hands.

If only I remembered
the taboo
Whisper of a strange lover
Reminding me it would always
Like the stars,
Die beautiful.

I would have slept
More soundly.
I could have out run
Existential nightmares.

It’s enough
to drown out
Any conscience.

It’d wrap around
those collective memories
Those silent sacred songs.

The chants
The lonely man’s city.

The allusive smoke
Would call me back again.

I saw

That we’re the millennium phoenix
Illustrated with the cosmos’
First symbols

But we don’t even know the language of our eternal spirits.

Choking on vain
We gaze into each other’s
Mirrored confusion

How long
Before we recognise
Each other’s immortal faces

I wish I could
remain where I belonged
One day I may,
dream my home again.



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