My world just got smaller… My mum just joined facebook

My mum is sixty-five and can barely use a mobile phone.

I never thought this was possible. Never thought I’d have to worry about my mother having to read my status updates or blog posts about trekking though Malaysia with a guy I just met at a hostel. My worlds are colliding. Colliding in a way that doesn’t feel natural. I’m too transparent. I don’t have the luxury of a filter unless I get all ninja style on all of my privacy settings.

I’m now imagining scenes of my mother posting reprimands in disjointed English next to a drunken picture I’ve been tagged in (not really, I would have lost public respect long ago if I didn’t learn the art of untagging and deletion). Everything about this seems inappropriate. What a modern paradigm; a first world problem of a cyber identity crisis.

One of my older generation relatives new to FB posted a status to inform everyone of a recent death in the family. Something like “dearest Uncle Gilbert has passed, our prays and sympathy are with him. LOL”

She thought LOL meant ‘lots of love.’

Accidental sarcasm packaged up into three awkward letters. It was so versatile, rolling out gems like, “Haven’t seen you ages. Wouldn’t it be great if we could catch up, LOL” AND “You don’t look fat in the dress, LOL” AND “I really miss you, LOL”

I guess my point is, some things taken out of context are funny. Other times it’s embarrassing. And some times being on FB is a constant struggle to establish context for inappropriate jokes. Or maybe I should just delete family members and colleagues off my account. Or stop offending people with strong opinions. Or maybe grow some balls. Because sometimes, in order to be authentic to who you are, you have to accept you can’t please all of the people all of the time.

Be real, be honest, be with integrity, be respectful, be with fucking gusto, be yourself. Mantra for the modern world.


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