Three reasons I support social entrepreneurship

  • Social entrepreneurship simply means using business to solve social issues. Years ago I decided to dedicate my life to ‘saving the world’ (what a fucking yuppie, hipster thing to say, but you know what I mean… Altruistic westerner awakinging, blah, blah, blah) and entrepreneurship is a grassroots way to address world issues. Business owners can actively choose to build social responsibility into their business model without sacrificing profit. Social entrepreneurship starts with a mission. From that mission business owners innovate sustainable and profitable solutions. We are in a new age where businesses should only exist if they serve a social purpose.
  • Entrepreneurship is a community driven model for building a sustainable future. Local business, local ideas, local solutions and local trade = less environmental impact, less power to corporations and (usually) fair trade practices.
  • Entrepreneurship empowers people. It allows people to be their own boss doing what they love with flexible hours (perfect for working mums) and doesn’t discriminate based on education. Anyone with good work ethic and a viable idea can make a living as an entrepreneur.

Social entrepreneurship is the future. I’m talking business with purpose; with a soul. I’m talking about breaking away from the jobs we hate to pursue our passions while doing something positive for the world.

These are some of the reasons I’m supporting Entrepreneur Xfactor Singapore (Jan 22nd), because it’s a zany event that proves business doesn’t have to be boring. Or full of robots. We need to ask ourselves, how do we want to live our life? The Entrepreneur Xfactor event is for those curious about creating a business with purpose (promo code ‘rocks’)


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