My time in Malaysia

Where to start… Have you ever had a feeling that life is going better than you ever expected and that to balance it out maybe you’ll get hit by a truck, or break your legs by falling down a pothole or be robbed and kidnapped out the blue? No? Well, that’s kind of how I’m feeling at the moment. I feel like all of this, in my two weeks in Asia, is way too good to be true. It’s not like winning the lottery or scoring that book writing contract, but a simple unadulterated sense that I’m on the right track. I’m, perhaps for the first time in my life, in ‘flow’. And it feels bloody fantastic.

So what’s with this sudden elation you may wonder? It hit me somewhere mid-stride in Malaysia, as I was hiking down an urban street; skin burning, lungs aching from the merciless exhaust fumes, head pounding from a resonating hangover, my hair a salty, sweaty mess; I probably smelled. But I didn’t care because I was completely content knowing I am free and doing exactly what I’ve always wanted to be doing: travelling, meeting interesting people, learning new stories, gaining contacts and inspiration to take my professional life to that new, fulfilling level, actively working towards socially and environmentally responsible projects [insert big soul encompassing sigh here].

Smog streets and graffiti by the river

My time in Malaysia can be broken down into three parts:

  1. The Rock Your Eco Business event
  2. My not so solo travels
  3. Meeting the Green Man

Part 1)

Rock Your Eco Business is one of those things you just have to experience in order to ‘get it’. As the name suggests, it just rocked. Hosted by the most energetic Dave Rogers, who along with the contributing ‘sages’ managed to combine an unlikely alchemy of personal development, spirituality and entrepreneurship into an intensive three day, let’s say, extravaganza. Described as an experience between American Idol and Harvard University, how could I not be intrigued?

We were split into teams, and were encouraged in a positive environment to share very personal experiences while pitching and developing business plans. The event resulted in me partnering with two “china men” (as they dubbed themselves) and a sweet little lady to create an eco venture business – essentially a kids and corporate camp that provides outdoor leadership and survival training as well as green technology education. The idea is that it’s built in an interactive environment which supports local tribes and incorporates a sustainable infrastructure.

Yes, it is amazing, and yes, I can’t believe I get to work on such a cool project either. You have permission to feel jealous. In fact, I’d be offended if you wasn’t. But here’s the thing. We’re always looking to collaborate, so if you’re really interested contact me at

We have already identified two potential corporate sponsors. I am currently developing the systems/logistics/operations and working with the trio who will produce the brand, website, education content etc. I have such a very good feeling about it and it’s all because of the magic of Dave and the magnificent sages.  And for the record. it was indeed a mixture of Harvard leanings, seeing a shrink, followed by a hug from grandma and an episode of Dragon’s Den (a British entrepreneurial TV series); a welcomed business-oriented therapy of sorts.

How adorable are we?

I learned so many things over the weekend, some of them practical, others more innocuously psychological. One of my more simple revelations was unravelling my relationship with business. I’ve always had a cold, often negative response to the words ‘business’ and ‘profit’. (Does that sound familiar? Please tell me I’m not the only one). These words have always felt manufactured and selfish. It’s a self-destructive and ironic mindset because I have no issues with the terms occupation and money. But somewhere within the three days of positive coaching, identifying behavioural patterns and recognising limiting perceptions, I realised, it’s not the words and what they represent that’s negative, it’s purely how I’ve chose to interpret them. By changing my association with them, I can liberate myself to be a profitable business person in the best way possible (is that some NLP hocus pocus or what?!): a profitable business person who fights to achieve social and environmental responsibility. How badass is that. Not a question but a statement. It is indeed, totally, irrefutably bad-fucking-ass.

Another hang-up was equating ‘business’ to a sterile environment where most interactions are driven by self-serving interests. However, over the three days of sharing motivations, passions and aspirations, I saw there are people out there wanting to be a positive force in the world using business as a mechanism to bring about change. I call these people the Doers. The Go-getters. The Optimists.

It was refreshing, exciting and it enticed my commitment. So I am now part of a team that I believe in, with people who although I haven’t know for a long time, I trust implicitly to drive our values forward. (Are you nauseated from how totally unbelievably feel-good this all is?) THIS IS POWERFUL STUFF. The stuff THAT ROCKS WORLDS and SHAKES UNIVERSES, don’t you get it?

I feel compelled to get all on my tall, self-righteous step and say, there’s a calling out there for each of us. And it’s not for a Lamborghini, a mansion and glittery possessions that will eventually crumble leaving a toxic mess somewhere for the planet to absorb. That shit wont fill your soul. You can try to feed it, but it will spit it back up as a bulimic reminder that your spirit is undernourished.

Let’s create a positive legacy for future generations. For our children, nieces or nephews. Or somebody else’s children, nieces and nephews. Because that’s the only thing that will last forever. And life is too short for the bullshit of chasing material dreams. If you’ve ever felt this way but not known what to do about it, join a Rock Your Business event; meet like-minded individuals and find a way to combine skills to develop a Green profitable business. It may very well change your life. Or at least give you a nudge in the right direction to helping you change your life. Get control. Tell your life who’s boss. Just bloody go for it. Live with no regrets!

{My time in Malaysia Part 2 – My not so solo travels – coming up in the next blog installment. To include a tip for two for the solo traveler.}

Malay train station architecture

Did I mention my team won eco biz most likely to go international?


7 thoughts on “My time in Malaysia

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  1. Way to go Amanda. I feel so Blessed to have the pleasure to have met you and i hope more young gals n guys like you appears with the same force to make the world a better place for the future generations to come.Love you. HUgssssss!

  2. Sounds like you’re on an emotional roller coaster with no downhills. Head in clouds feet on ground. That’s a great place to be for wide views. Cx

  3. Business for those with bad intent is bad in any language or jargon. When business is done with a good intent, is great in any words or jargon. It’s all in the mind…but our action has more impact than just our thoughts. The other thing many of us failed to acknowledge that going do it business, it has to be a solo act. Don’t. Get friends, liked minded individual – it may not even end up as a business venture, just do it and see what it evolved…it’s a process, a journey, failing mistakes and a complete lesson.

    Now…even sold a lime juice before?

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