Favouritest spot in London

If I had to subscribe to part of London, having lived here a good part of my life, I would say I’m a Camden girl through and through. It’s the one place that I continually come back to – from my youth, to my twenties and probably well into adulthood and old age and it will always have a place in my heart.

In a snap shot, here are nine things (not ten, but nine) that I love about Camden:

  1. No matter what you wear, what you say (or scream, or shout), how drunk or eccentric you are, you will never be the weirdest person in Camden. Never. There will always be someone more screwed up, more bizarre, more high. That’s just the way it goes.
  2. The music. Camden is home to a number of music venues, many of which are responsible for hosting badass bands- the likes of The Doors and Pink Floyd, not to mention it was the home of the late Amy Winehouse.
  3. The movement. Camden is one of those places where the feeling of controlled rebellion and anarchy caresses the streets. There are vegan cafes, locally owned coffee shops, punk rockers, hippies and hipsters on every corner. There’s perhaps an over indulgence of drug use among people who inhibit the area, but it’s non-threatening for those going about their way.
  4. The colour. In a city that’s significantly grey, with areas full of corporate execs in black suits, Camden is a spectrum of shades, textures with vibrant banners, flags and signs – a real feast for the eyes.
  5. Good walking. Camden is a pedestrian’s playground. You can walk, talk and enjoy the eclectic scene and not worry about getting run over.
  6. It’s one of the few places (maybe only) in London where I can overlook the onslaught of crowds. I’m not a fan of overly populated places, and Camden is absolutely ransacked – allegedly the most visited part of London on the weekends. But for some reason, perhaps down to the opiate affect of the rockabilly, indie environment, I fail to get riled by it.
  7. The shops. Camden, just like everywhere else, has a commercial element, but in the guise of foreign imports, vintage clothes, obscure trinkets, tattoo parlours and club thumping fluorescent gear. Want something random or just plain out-there? Camden’s the spot.
  8. The food. From stool vendors to the upscale, there’s a culinary choice for everyone bouncing from every continent. There’s the Blues Kitchen for music and fare, Gilgamesh if you want opulence, the likes of CoCo Bamboo for pure South American succulence and creamy cocktails, or the Cuban bar if you want to salsa dance for dessert, the list goes on.
  9. The people. At the end of it all the people make the place. If you have a high threshold for the strange and occasionally offensive, or even better, you’re a little turned on by it, then you’ll appreciate the grime and edge of Camden Town. Camden is where the peculiar feel at home and the mad come to rest.


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  1. wow thats amazing , you need to write your own book….and pls can you write something about Malaysia as well ….have you been to African before ? if so , then you might also write about that beautiful continent………Though i have been to so many countries in Europe but no yet in UK

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